If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Isaac Newton


At Kebun Kota, we gather from different walks of life, arrive at a common purpose, and coordinate our actions out of the best of everyone. The underlying conviction is that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.

We're looking for you.

Together with our partners, Kebun Kota forms a dynamic business process driven by a dynamic team of people. Currently, we are looking for entrepreneurial, creative, passionate, and ambitious people to join us. Share your CV with us and join us in one or more of the following scopes.

Production & Procurement

Supply Chain Management

Marketing and Outreach

Capacity Building and Education

Research and Development


NOTE: We’re currently piloting our web recruitment. For the moment, please share with us your CV (upload below) and we’ll return to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

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Apa khabar? Hola. ສະບາຍດີ. Hallå. 您好。Hello there. হ্যালো. வணக்கம். Yo.

Hey there, the team says hi! We are a global and diverse team made up of entrepreneurs, farmers, makers, academics, experts, designers, advocates, engineers, artisans, and marketers – commonly driven and motivated.

Ir. Dr. Mukhlis Chua

founder, kebun kota

Since 2010, Dr. Mukhlis Chua and his family pioneered aquaponics and began mainstreaming the concept of sustainable urban farming in Malaysia. His passion for nature and fish drove him to transform his business model from extraction of natural resource to quite the opposite – food and water security, fair trade, and the circular economy. Chua graduated in 1983 from the University of Manchester in Mechanical Engineering with first class honors. He later obtained his Masters in Science in Advance Applied Mechanics from Imperial College London. In 2015, Chua completed his engineering doctorate in process plant management from the Technological University of Malaysia (UTM). Professionally, Chua founded Inter-Granite P Ltd in 1990, and had worked in many engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning projects with other major industry players. He has been instrumental in the success of a research collaboration program between Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine and UTM in the setting up of UTM Center for Non-Destructive Evaluation.

Ar. Kaniza Shafie

ceo, ksa architecture

Ar. Kaniza graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) from the School of Architecture, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. She led the design and technical teams in a big corporation prior to starting her own business in architectural services and building constructions. With strong technical knowledge and experiences, she ventured into the construction and fabrication works in the oil and gas industries in 1997.

Chien An Chua

biotechnology manager
aquaculturalist, biokind

Chien An holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London.  He is currently pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering under the Non-Destructive Evaluation group at Imperial College London. Chien has several years of work experience in aquaculture and aquaponics. In his free time, Chien enjoys practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Hana Chua


Currently on her first year as an undergraduate pursuing Global Sustainable Development in the University of Warwick, Hana gained early experiences in real practice through active involvement in the development and management of Kebun Kota. Her participation in practical field work in the UK has enabled her with the essential skills to critically analyze and present relevant policy improvements. Hana’s knowledge and insights on sustainable business management were further enhanced by her participation in the Enterprise and the Environment Summer School hosted by Oxford University.

Latdaphone Siphengkeo

managing partner
director, radtanaphon farm

Founded in 2012, Latda Women’s Tailoring is a social enterprise that turns fashion designs into a reality among less fortunate Lao women through competency-based training, skill transfer, and equitable employment. An independent entrepreneur with a determination for her community’s success and resilience especially among women, Latda now aspires to make an entry to the international market, and in May 2018 started the Radtanaphon Farm in Luang Prabang, Laos. Latda’s professional expertise includes traditional Laos silk tailoring, traditional and new-age textile design, business procurement and distribution, and human resource management.

Yanti Sutoyo


For years, Yanti has ensured that our aquaponic farm at Kebun Kota maintains and improves its productivity by instilling not only her commitment in action but also her passion in seeing our labor and produce come to life. Today, Yanti manages our nursery and harvesting efforts in the farm. While in the kitchen, her culinary experience and talent are often jaw-dropping.

Rashid Hasan

technical manager

Rashid brings years of engineering experience into the field of aquaponics. He was part of the pioneering team at Kebun Kota and previously also an associate at Intergranite, the former parent company of Kebun Kota. Rashid obtained his degree in mechanical engineering from the National University of Malaya (UM).

Akas Sheikh

senior agritechnician

From Bangladesh, Akas began working at Kebun Kota in 2011. Knowing every nook and cranny of the farm, and having mastered the practical know-hows of aquaponics on different scales of application, he is the person to go to when we face technical challenges and bottleneck situations in the farm.